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Views of America Past and Present by CableSmart!

Having lived over a half century in America has afforded my wife and I the opportunity to visit, learn and document some interesting places. Here we offer a glimpse of life away from the keyboard.


CableSmart, as well as every other individual endeavor in America, was made possible by a carefully crafted document, created through consensus and compromise, by our founding fathers. We believe that The Constitution of the United States should be given more emphasis in our daily lives. In the few paragraphs of the original document and subsequent amendments the foundation of our very lives is spelled out. We hope that you will find this useful and informative.

USS Mizar

First, a little history about the generation that raised us. With only a few veterans remaining, from the ship my grandfather served aboard in WWII, I was fortunate to learn about the people and places, of his world, during that time in his life. The USS Mizar page documents one of the thousands of ships that played a role in the Pacific War.

Pennsylvania Railroad

After the war, my grandfather returned to his job as a brakeman for the historic Pennsylvania Railroad. On our PRR page you can read about the rise and fall of a town founded by the railroad and how it has changed.

Altoona Curve Baseball Team

Today Altoona is a smaller, quieter community. The railroad shops are closed, the famous Logan House hotel is long gone and the once bustling downtown area is now much quieter. In recent years, highway improvements have brought Minor League Baseball back to town. The Altoona Curve have a great stadium and major league players often play there while recovering from injuries.

Cleveland OH attractions

My dad lived in the Cleveland Ohio area for many years and that's where I met my wonderful wife Sue. She grew up in a small farm community just south of the sprawling suburbs. We were married in the town square in Medina. Although we were married in the summer, the gazebo is quite picturesque covered in snow and decorated for Christmas.

Kitchen Remodeling Project

We have lived in Texas for over 30 years, most of it in the same house. A few years ago I gave the kitchen a face lift, adding a seating area in the corner and installing new countertops and flooring. With the addition of retro signs it has a more retro look.

Corpus Christi Texas

Occasionally, Sue and I managed to get away for a long weekend. One of the great destinations in Texas is Corpus Christi. Located on the Gulf Coast, it has a number of interesting attractions as well as the beach.

USS Lexington Museum

From our hotel room in Corpus Christi we could look down on the deck of the aircraft carrier, USS Lexington, now a floating museum.

Discovery Museum in Corpus Christi Texas

Not far from the Aquarium and Lexington is the Discovery Museum. The displays cover Texas history from it's very earliest days.

Battleship USS Texas

On a second trip a few years later, we visited the historic battleship USS Texas, located near the San Jacinto Monument. An appropriate site, since the war for Texas independence was won there.

Lone Star Flight Museum

While in Galveston Texas, we unexpectedly came across the Lone Star Flight Museum. This unassuming building housed dozens of vintage airplanes.

hot rods and racecars

I have been in love with cars, especially hot rods, ever since I can remember, beginning with the first car I knew as a child. The back seat of our 1949 Mercury felt big enough to get lost in when I was 5. Whenever possible, I take my grandsons to see the hot rods, street rods and race cars at nearby events.

Willys GoKart

Being around hot rods has brought some interesting projects my way. I purchased a complete chassis and fiberglass body for a 41 Willys ride on GoKart. With help from some of my hot rod buddys, the parts turned into a fun ride that sold for $600.


With only the raw fiberglass body to start with, I completed and sold a baby stroller styled after early 1950's Mercurys.


Late in 2013 Sue obtained a 1970's pedal car that wasn't much more than a rusted body and running gear. I've completed the restoration and you can see the finished product.

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