Battleship Texas 3D Graphic
New York Class Battleship - USS Texas

March 12, 1914

Dimensions 1914
Length 573 ft
Beam 95.25 ft

Dimensions 1945
Length 573 ft
Beam 106 ft

Displacement 1914
27,000 tons

Displacement 1945
30,350 tons

Armament 1914
10 - 14 in guns
21 - 5 in guns
4 torpedo tubes

Armament 1945
10 - 14 in guns
6 - 5 in guns
10 - 3 in AA guns
40 - 40mm AA guns

Main Belt 10 - 12 in
Decks 1.5 - 4 in
Turrets 4 - 9 in
Bulkheads 9 -11 in

Speed 1914
21 knots
Coal Fired Boiler

Speed 1914
20.5 knots
Oil Fired Boiler

Endurance 1914
3,700 nm @ 20kts

Endurance 1945
6,500 nm @ 18kts

April 21, 1948

USS Texas at anchor in 2001
The dreadnought era battleship at anchor in San Jacinto Park, Texas in May 2001.

Ten inch gun barrels on USS Texas
The 14 inch guns of the forward turret point to the San Jacinto Monument that commemorates Sam Houston's victory in the Texas War for Independence.

First Marine Brigade
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On board is a commemorative plaque marking the founding of the First Marine Division.

Bow view of the USS Texas
From above, the zig zag shape of the top fore deck is clearly visible. Below the wider sections were 5 inch gun casements that proved unusable because of wetness.

Casement 5 inch gun on USS Texas
By World War II the 5 inch guns were no longer positioned in the casements.

Foredeck of USS Texas
Over the years foremast and bridge underwent several changes. More space for battle structures was made possible by the change from coal to oil fired boilers. This eliminated the need for a 2nd smokestack.

Forward gun turrets of the USS Texas
In 1919 a Sopwith Camel became the first airplane ever launched from a battleship. A simple platform was constructed atop the number 2 gun turret of the Texas.

Massive cranes aboard the USS Texas
Later, sea planes are launched by catapult and retrieved by the massive cranes.

Brass wheel of the USS Texas
Traditional brass instruments and wheel on the bridge directed the ship.

USS Texas officer's quarters
Although most of the crew bunked in cramped quarters. Officers had more spacious living arrangements.

Anti aircraft guns on the stern deck of the USS Texas
After Pearl Harbor anti aircraft guns were placed all over the ship. Some of the placements surround the stern 14 inch gun turrets.

USS Texas stern
Casements for 5 inch guns were also originally built into the stern. Hinged covers were opened to allow the guns to rotate and fire. Wetness also prevented the use of these guns.

Evolution of a Dreadnaught

For more details on the Battleship Texas visit the official state website.

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